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Ecophon is an international market leader in the design and manufacture of acoustic ceiling and wall panel solutions. Part of the global Saint-Gobain Group, Ecophon provides innovative solutions to meet functional, aesthetic and value needs in a sustainable manner.


  • Ecophon Focus™ offers different edge details
  • Comprehensive range of sizes
  • Level changes and installation options
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and lengths
  • Can be ordered in different standard and special NCS colours


Unframed panels for ceilings and walls

  • Ecophon Solo™ is available in a vast range of shapes and sizes, timeless and dynamic colours
  • Ecophon Solo™ independent free-hanging units can be suspended from the ceiling or hung on walls
  • A solution for where a traditional ceiling is not possible


Vertical acoustics

  • A series of flexible absorbers in smaller dimensions
  • Available in a range of shapes and sizes all 40mm depth
  • Creates innovative designs and patterns on the wall
  • Can be ordered in a wide range of colours


Framed panels for walls

  • Ideal when you need to cover large areas
  • 40mm in depth and available in two different edges, widths and mounting options and a wide range of colours and surfaces
  • Panels are mounted in a profile frame
  • A solution for where additional acoustics are required alongside a wall-to-wall ceiling

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